The eternal development ideal of JYH SHUEN ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD. is "Innovation" and "Good Faith", and endless management aim is “Quality” and “Service”. In the past 30 years, our company continuously grasps this ideal to face the unceasingly transform of society and economic environment, keep growing and progressing with big environment.
"The talent people" and "the equipment" are the most important power and property for a company. Industry automation and computation enhance the production efficiency and promote whole management quality. Therefore, training talent people and upgrading production machinery are the most important development goal for our company at present stage.

Enterprise management has to be responsibility to employees and society. So, the stable enterprise management is also the foundation of social development. The founder of JYH SHUEN ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD., Mr.CHEN JYUN HUEI, always follow this ideal and sprint to create the biggest benefit between society, enterprise and employees.